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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Waking Up

I've been waking up since 2012. It's been a long morning, but now that I drink green tea, coffee and some green juice every morning (they all taste so darn good, I can't give any of them up) I feel ready to take on about anything. Of course, I'm assuming you know what I mean by "waking up." Yes, awakening to the realization that what I grew up "knowing" is...well only a small portion of the reality that is. Since this my first blog post here, we'll keep it green and dirty... just how I like it.

Trying to tame the jungle...we'll call it "before the garden"

The Other "Pharm"

As big pharma gets slammed with lawsuits more and more often for the damaging side effects of the symptom-managing (and often new symptom-creating) pharmaceutical drugs they sell, skepticism of modern allopathic treatments for disease is growing.

“We are seeing a generation of humans waking up to the incredible benefits nature has to offer.”

The Nature of it All

We are seeing a generation of humans waking up to the incredible benefits nature has to offer, and not simply for symptom management, but for full body healing and wellness. The plants are here to help...and visa versa.

This ever-bubbling spring of ancient herbal remedies in enriching the lives and even curing the diseases of those who dare deep dive into it. It doesn't take a mass marketing campaign or big money advertisements on the media to see that these natural approaches are working. People who were living in chronic pain or fatigue or any number of the modern maladies crippling this generation, are incorporating wellness measures into their routine and their health is taking a radical turn for the better. Coconut wireless (the Hawaiian phrase for "grapevine") is what is driving this movement as the reputation of big pharma wanes. Integrative medicine is expanding at a steady rate, and as a wellness advocate, I am thrilled to see it happening. What's more amazing is that as we discover how much nature has to offer for our health, we realize taking care of her is of utmost importance. By reestablishing healthy soils using regenerative farming practices like permaculture, we can see to it that her health is taken care of. And when we do that, we can be sure she will provide what we need to keep ourselves well.

Stop Snoozing!

It is a beautiful cycle of care and awareness, of both giving and receiving. Gleaning wisdom from past generations, stocking our shelves with tinctures and oils and elixirs. Putting on our overalls and getting dirty in the garden is about to be the new doctor's visit.

What now? Listen to the inner you. What is ailing you? Why haven't you taken charge of your health? Is there hesitation because it seems overwhelming? Quackish? Are you buying into propaganda that's gotten you into the mess you're in? Get out in the garden. Feel the dirt. Plant something. Read about permaculture. Ask your favorite granola mom what elderberry syrup she uses for her kids (And what is it anyway? What's it good for?). You gotta start somewhere, and I promise us raving earthy freedom lovers will leap up to point you in the right direction.

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