Black turmeric happened to me.  Of course I love yellow turmeric and grew it all over our permacultured yard, but the second I read "black turmeric for sale" on the farm section of craigslist...my horizons exploded.

Immediately I had to experience this plant I had never heard of. The beauty of its color was the same as the dream tile I hope for in my future kitchen...or the young rhizomes like the ocean on a sunny day (in Kauai anyway).  The mother rhizomes had a deeper, magical purple tint.  

So we grew our first batch.  Then we grew more, and more.  We bought more so we could grow more faster.  The medicinal properties were so practical and potent...I started making tinctures, and giving rhizomes for gifts (I'm that lady).  

Then I realized this plant needs to go further.  So here we are.  Furthering.  We strive to use herbs for health.  Good health is wealth... thus "Waiwai" which is "wealth" in Hawaiian.  Get it?